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2009 09 25
So now in Year 3 of Residency.
It has been some time since I last updated but that is just me being lazy....added another amateur poem, though a little disjointed, it does grow on you....thank you everyone who comes to the site...please tell your friends and come more often.

I am adding another website to the travel links...thank you AL for the request.

2008 07 03
So now in Year 2 of Residency.
On Ask and Odd moments of Clarity have gained Editor's Choice status....whatever that means.....I think they send that for all the submissions.

2008 04 26
So its been a year. Thank you to my avid fans for logging on and reading my poetry. Sorry haven't really written much, I have been working and so have been lazy. Though I have written a couple more they need more work. Further I have been toying with the idea of putting up a Forum, but I need a little more information and maybe permission.
Anyway if anyone has any thoughts please email me on Thanks.

2007 04 02
Two more poems added.
2007 04 01 April Fools Day
So I have a couple more poems added check the poetry page.
So this is my temporary home page. Welcome. It will hopefully change as time passes and I understand how to or Irtza tells me in easy step by step instructions........ 

On the circle line ferry in New York