Muneer Online

Muneer's Dominion



Odd moments of Clarity

In and out and all around,
With happiness at our beckoning,
We seek what we will or we seek what we see,
But do we see beyond our little place, in this harmony?
Soft bright colors and odd sized moments,
Intense reactions and playful bantering,
With little to start here and too much to stop there,
No wonders to explore or sights to achieve.
With hardened touch and brittle minds,
A complete shattering of all we believe,
Just simple breaks in vast ravines,
No towers soaring to matching skies.
An instep of time, no sleepless sighs,
No bridging of coasts with canopies of light.
With rushing winds under stars of strife,
A pale shadow of seamless cries,
No twilight here for you to see,
But just odd moments of clarity.