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Do Not Depair

Do not despair; there is light before you.
Your heart may know one truth,
But there are other truths out there.
Keep looking and listening for the sign that only you will know.
The sign that stands before you will be your light.
So do not despair at the path that life has brought you to.
There are many paths that can lead you to your destiny.
For only the light of your heart will lead you further.
Do not despair; for where there is love,
Then love will find a way.
Be it slow or fast,
If you have truth and passion,
Then the one you love will guide you.
But do not hold on too tightly,
And give love the freedom to grow,
Then it will surround you and the one you adore.
And you will find happiness,
And despair will be left along the way.
For the path of true love is strewn with flowers,
And the company of the one you adore.