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Did I ask you once, when we walked together along moonlit shores with twilight darkening, if life could be more happier,
You smiled in response, a twinkling brightness in your eyes, and I then knew my answer,
A hand to hold and arms to lie in,
The simple breathing of your soul with mine,
The beating of hearts, like a steady flow of butterflies,
The fluttering of eyes, like the song of birds in voiceless harmony,
Did I ask you once,
I would ask you again,
Just to see you smile.

I Keep Dreaming

I keep dreaming, not of sunrise in heaven, but of the milling of colours in soul rendering paradise,
I keep dreaming, not of childish pleasures in voiceless splendour, but of the sublimeness of joy,
I keep dreaming, not of winter nights with fireside comforts, but a continuing yearning for silent contentment,
I keep dreaming, now not for myself, but for others to have sight with the same blindness,
I keep dreaming, in understanding for the smiles I feel when songs in twilight drift toward the moonlight,
I keep dreaming, now of all the dreams that each of us can have, past, present and future.